Choosing Your Next Notebook Computer – Strengths and Weaknesses

When you purchase your next notebook computer there are going to be PLENTY of choices to choose from HP, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Gateway. All make GREAT notebook computers and all have strengths and all have weaknesses. Walt Mossberg of the WSJ reviewed an HP and Lenovo notebook today (or yesterday) and on had longer battery life, the other had more power.
Business Week’s Stephen Wildstrom writes ALL THREE LAPTOPS ARE CAPABLE performers, and given the similarities in specifications and price, choosing among them is not easy. I confess to a longtime fondness for ThinkPads, based more than anything else on the solid feel and intelligent design of their keyboards. But I also have come to prefer the widescreen design. Although the Dell and HP displays are about 11% smaller in area than the ThinkPad, I find the wider design better for opening two documents side by side, and these machines’ sleeker profile make them easier to use on an airplane tray. (Lenovo offers the ThinkPad Z60, a 14-in. widescreen model otherwise similar to the T60, but markets it mainly to small and medium-size businesses.)
If you are looking for a notebook the main things to check for are:
– processor speed
– hard disk space
– battery life
– memory
– other features like ports, accessories and other things are important as well
When deciding consider what is MOST important to you and go from their!
Lenovo has launched a new line of notebook computers – its new ThinkPad Z61 series and R60 series, combine the power of Intel’s Core Duo processors with newly enhanced multimedia and wireless connectivity options.
Both Z61 models feature an integrated camera and stereo microphone for videoconferencing, and are equipped with 802.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi capability, as well as integrated wireless WAN (WWAN) for connecting to Verizon Wireless’ high-speed nationwide network in the U.S. Lenovo was the first PC manufacturer to integrate a WWAN antenna for wireless internet access via evolution data only (EvDO) technology in standard notebooks, beginning with the ThinkPad Z60 series in September 2005.
Lenovo also announced its new ThinkPad R60 series, a lower-cost, mainstream system packed with performance-enhancing features. It continues to be an excellent choice for business and education users who value performance and value on a mainstream system. The new R60 offers better battery life, more connectivity options, and a new 14″ SXGA+ graphics choice. In addition, the R60 series enhances its value proposition with ThinkPad innovations such as the ThinkPad Roll Cage – a magnesium-alloy shell that helps protect the hard drive and other internal components – the ThinkPad Shock Mounted Hard Drive, a hardware switch for wireless shutoff, and integrated WWAN.
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