Cnet or Yahoo Tech – Which One Will It Be?

As you may have heard Yahoo has recently launched Yahoo Tech, a portal of technology content aimed at consumers (not businesses – but the lines do blur at times). Yahoo Tech has a WIDE range of content (much of it from 3rd parties) and services for small businesses but until now has had little content related to technology.
With the launch of Yahoo Tech, Yahoo becomes another large technology content producer competing directly with Cnet. While Cnet has both business and consumer information – and LOTS of it, Yahoo’s focus is more consumer focused and has less content than Cnet, I would guess, at this time.
If you are looking for general purpose small business information Cnet or Yahoo are going to be fine – digital cameras, scanners, computers, etc.
However, to keep updated with SMALL BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY focused information you can’t beat sources such as Small Business Computing,,’s Tech section, PC World, PC Magazine and other resources.
I find that the New York Times has a very good technology section as well.
Going to events and keeping in touch with your local technology solution provider (actually making him a PART of your business) is also VERY important.
Business Week writes about Yahoo Tech CNet says it’s not worried, as Yahoo Tech targets the mainstream consumer while CNet’s audience tends to be more tech-savvy. “We are clearly going after a different audience,” says Joe Gillespie, executive vice-president of CNet Network’s CNet division. Still, analysts believe Yahoo Tech could eventually start poaching CNet’s advertisers. “It should be viewed as a serious competitive threat,” says Needham’s May. Yahoo’s new site will also go up against other online sites that court tech users and advertisers, including BusinessWeek Online, part of the McGraw-Hill Cos.
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