Double Your Screen Size with LapLink Double View

I’ve personally never had a need to have two computer screens on my desk, for one computer, however, I’m sure many of you who work with large spreadsheets, graphic files or other things where a standard 17″ or even 19″ screen is too small would love to have double the screen size.
To do this you usually have to have a second graphics card installed but Laplink has a software solution that can let you take advantage of an old computer that you’re not using!
Laplink DoubleView transforms any spare PC into an extension of your primary computer’s native screen, effectively doubling your screen real estate.

Just install Laplink DoubleView on both PCs, and then connect them using a FireWire or USB cable, or any network connection. In minutes, the screen of the second PC will act as an extension of your primary PC screen, so that you can spread your work out over both monitors for maximum viewing efficiency and productivity. Laplink DoubleView can even turn an old PC running Windows 98 into a second monitor!
Cost $35.00
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