Earthlink – HUNGRY for more small businesses via online services

Earthlink has been one of (if not THE) top ISPs for small businesses, especially with its merger ISP Mindspring in 2000.
The Associated press writes A beefed up unit, called EarthLink Business Solutions, will offer bundled services to business customers that will include web hosting, security software and payment infrastructure services, said Linda Beck, the unit’s executive vice president.
Earthlink’s growth will come from new customers but also it’s existing customers. I would guess that many rely on Earthlink for dial-up service still.
In addition, Earthlink is offering more telecommunication offerings from a recent purchase of New Edge Networks it can offer broadband customers more hosted services and security solutions that broadband customers need.
Bundles are also important. The hosting business is most profitable with bundles. The customer buys web hosting, then buys email hosting, security offerings and etc.
As your business grows, on thing to consider is how you want to have your services offered. As a bundle? Or best of breed from several solution providers?
There is not one solution that is perfect – each business must consider for themselves which one is best for them.
In my personal experience Earthlink’s support has been “spotty” – not so good and not so bad. However, I think combined with the support of a local solution provider you’ll do fine in using Earthlink’s services.
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