Email Management and Security: Let It Be Someone Else’s Headache

Email is important. Right. It’s so important that you would probably pay a pretty penny to have someone else manage security and anti-spam services so that you know when you open an email message there’s no spam and no virus or phishing. Trend Micro launched Email Security Services, a hosted email protection service that provides an alternative to managing onsite hardware or software at the messaging gateway for small and medium businesses. IBM provides many email security and another system I heard about at SMB Nation was that offered by Ed Becker of BeckITSystems, Inc. Neither are expensive.
Trend Micro’s service protects your network and infrastructure by stopping threats before they reach your gateway. In addition to detailed reports on threats blocked, content filtering settings and policy management options, this service offers a unique mail tracking tool that allows the administrator to quickly locate and determine the status of any message received by the system.
Trend Micro is offering in North America three levels of services to best fit customers¬? current needs and future growth. The three levels of services are:
– Anti-Spam Service (Service Level 1): Offers a solution to help eliminate spam based on IP reputation and provides reports and message tracking.
– Basic Email Security Service (Service Level 2): Builds upon Anti-Spam Service to provide additional security against spam, viruses and malicious code.
– Extended Email Security Service (Service Level 3): Combines Basic Service with content filtering and policy management for message compliance through a remote console.
Pricing starts at $800 per year for up to 100 users.
“?You can’?t manage what you can’?t measure”, says Ed Becker, President, BeckITSystems, Inc. Similar to TrendMicro’s offering, BeckITSystems is a hosted system that performs a range of tests on email as it comes in to make sure you are protected.
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