Foldable Keyboards – Nice but not durable

I’ve seen the rubber like keyboards being sold that you can fold up and they look interesting. However my gut tells me that for serious typers they might not be too good as you’d have to make sure they were on a surface that would enable you to type easier.
The Associated Press writes Walnut, Calif.-based Adesso says the keyboards are ideal for hospitals, libraries and marine applications where water or germs are a factor.
Made of a silicone material, the foldable keyboards come in either a full-size model with 109 keys or a mini version with 85 keys, both for $29.99. The test units I received were charcoal colored; white models are available, too.
I managed to defeat the full-size model in just a few days.
For some reason, the “8”, “i”, “,” and “k” keys suddenly stopped functioning.

I used a foldable keyboard, quite successfully for my PDA, which used InfraRed to connect to the PDA. This is of course not for desktop PCs…but I thought to tell you about another type of keyboard.

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