FREE File Sharing: No Server. Just You, Your Computer and Your “Sharing Partner”

There’s MANY options for sharing files via the Internet so the hard part is picking which solution you WANT. One free solution from LapLink is ShareDirect which enables PC to PC (with no intermediary) file sharing.
ShareDirect allows PC users to share files with other people straight from their desktops. Instead of emailing massive files back and forth, setting up a limited network, or placing important files on a third-party server, you can retain control and ownership of your files and simply invite trusted contacts to view and download them from the folders you designate. The files never leave the safety of your hard drive until you invite someone to download them from you directly. All files are protected by 128-bit encryption, and can securely travel through existing firewall settings.
Businesses such as virtual staffing agency Team Double-Click uses ShareDirect to make shared documents available to staff at their different office locations. “We use Excel spreadsheets to capture information on our several hundred virtual professionals and the needs of the clients they service,” Gayle Buske, Principal, explained. “Scheduling, assignments, payroll, accounting, resource allocation. We need all that information, and more, at our fingertips throughout the day in order to do our job.” With ShareDirect, Team Double-Click employees all over the country can access the files they need instantly.

Some features include:
Instant folder sharing – ShareDirect transforms your Windows File Manager into a powerful, easy-to-use and secure instant networking application by allowing you to connect your folders with the folders of other ShareDirect members
Intuitive interface and controls – Manage your local and shared documents from a familiar Windows Explorer environment. Your shared folder window is automatically separated into local and shared documents with ShareDirect’s split window design
Bandwidth Optimization – ShareDirect ensures optimal performance within your bandwidth limitations by transferring files on-demand to minimize network traffic.
Drag-and-drop or double-click commands – Simply double-click or drag-and-drop the remote document you want into your local File Manager window to download the document.
Compatibility with any file size or type – ShareDirect allows you to control what folders you share and what documents you download, regardless of the size or type of the file
Compatibility with firewalls and routers – ShareDirect automatically determines if a firewall or router separates your machine from other ShareDirect members
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