Google Software on Your PC from Dell

Google software will come installed on Dell computers. Why is this important? Microsoft software, for a long time has been the default software on many computer system. Of course other software as well, games, tools, Intuit Quickbooks and others. But Google is a HUGE competitor to Microsoft to challenge its dominance on the desktop. With Google bundled on Dell computers, this will only increase Google’s expansion – next maybe HP, Gateway and others.
Bloomberg writes Under the three-year agreement, Google will pay Dell to install its PCs with Google programs for searching hard drives and e-mail as well as its Web browser tool bar, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the agreement is confidential. The deal may be announced today, the person said.
The pact is a victory for Google, the world’s most-used search engine, putting its software before 100 million new PC owners over the life of the deal. Until now, Microsoft’s Internet browser and services have been the default settings on Dell PCs and the agreement may derail Microsoft’s attempts to draw users to its search services with its new Windows operating system.
“The gloves have come off,” said Jordan Rohan, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets in New York. He rates Google “outperform” and said he doesn’t own it. “This is a bare-knuckles distribution move for Google.”

On another Dell note, Dell will be opening retail stores. I think they should NOT but should work with retailers like Best Buy, Circuit City and others. Read more about it here.
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