GotVoice? Voice Mail from your phone and cell phone to Email

Having voice mail on your home phone or cell phone is fine but when you are not there (or even if you are “there”) it’s nice to get your voice mail in one place – like your email in box. If you are often online like I am or if you have a BlackBerry or Treo or some other email device strapped to your waist, being able to have all your email in one place is nice.
GotVoice offers a solution.
GotVoice retrieves voice messages from your existing home and cellular phones and delivers them directly to your email inbox either automatically, using a pre-chosen schedule, or manually with a simple click of a button.
They have a free offering and a “premium” offering.
The free version is pretty lame but will give you a feel for the service. The plus and premium services check your voice mail more frequently than the free services 3 times per day and include other features as well.
Cnet writes There are plenty of “universal inbox” systems that are sold to big businesses and to telephone companies. Many will port voicemails to email. But GotVoice is the first system I’ve seen that end-users can set up themselves on systems that don’t have any voicemail export function.
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