If You Want Open Source – Consider Buying it From Novell

There are many companies selling open source solutions. Many of the solutions are server based and geared towards larger businesses. However, some are for servers and desktops and focused on the small business market. Novell, in a very smart move has repacked its existing open source software to make it easier for smaller businesses to implement in their businesses. Another server based software solution is by Nitix Integration Technologies.
It’s newly released Novell Open Workgroup Suite, includes server and desktop components with management tools, collaboration capabilities and the open source office products in the market. Compared to a similar Microsoft solution, the Novell suite can save customers up to 70 percent claims Novell.
PC World writes Open-source software has done well in the server market but its adoption on the desktop is hampered by concerns about ease of use and the availability of compatible software drivers and applications.
“You can make Linux easy to use if you set it up right, but there are still touchy areas for users who want to set up their own network, for example, or use an unusual graphics card. It still lags significantly behind Mac OS and Windows,” said Gary Barnett, an analyst at Ovum in the U.K.

Novell Open Workgroup Suite customers can choose from two options. For deployment with Linux servers and any desktop platform, the suite includes Novell Open Enterprise Server (with SUSE(R) Linux Enterprise Server), Novell GroupWise(R) for collaboration, Novell ZENworks(R) Suite for cross-platform systems management, Novell Linux Desktop and OpenOffice.org for Windows and Linux. The suite is also available in a cross-platform version that allows deployment of the same suite components on any supported platform. The Novell Open Workgroup Suite is also the replacement for the Novell Small Business Suite and Novell Linux Small Business Suite, with an upgrade path for customers of these products.
Pricing for the Linux platform version of the Novell Open Workgroup Suite starts with a rental option for $80 per year or $110 per device/user for a perpetual license. The cross-platform version of the suite is $150 per user/device for a perpetual license. Annual maintenance is also available, and upgrade pricing is available to existing customers of Open Enterprise Server, NetWare(R), GroupWise, ZENworks or competing products. For more information and pricing details go here.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if the ONLY reason you want to move from Microsoft Office / Server to Linux is to save money CAREFULLY consider and make sure that you won’t end of losing money on migration, support and training costs.
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