Just a Reminder – Online Advertising WORKS and Works WELL

If you are wondering how you can get new customers, just a gentle reminder that online advertising works and works well. It’s not going to solve all your problems but if done correctly it can BOOST sales calls to your business or online shopping to your web site. The WSJ even mentions that advertising on Craig’s List works – I’ve never known it as a series place to do business other than classified advertising..
Local advertising is also VERY powerful. There’s no need to try to reach 300 million Americans when you only want to reach 10,000 dog owners in a particular city – this is where local advertising helps.
The WSJ Startup Journal writes Gary Ettore, co-owner of Ettore Salon & Spa in Philadelphia, had always been fascinated by online advertising. But like many small-business owners, Mr. Ettore says he believed he needed to be a “computer whiz” or “computer programmer” to figure out how to do Internet advertising.
Then about a year ago, a sales representative from Yahoo’s marketing group called Mr. Ettore about placing local search ads on the search engine. Both Yahoo and Google have been making a big push to woo local businesses by offering local search services, which can help surfers locate businesses in specific cities.
In a matter of days, Ettore executives were working with Yahoo representatives to come up with a local search ad — a detailed Web page about the salon that the search ad would link to. The page has a description of the business, photos of the salon, a customer review section, a link for directions to the store and one to the company’s own Web site. The monthly ad package, which also includes search ad listings that appear on Yahoo’s home page, cost about $250 to $300 a month. Mr. Ettore subsequently bought a similar ad package on Google, which costs roughly the same.
Before Mr. Ettore put his ads on the two search engines, his Web site was getting about 20,000 hits a quarter. Today, he says his site gets on average 280,000 hits a quarter. More important, he says, about 80% of his new customers say they found the salon on the Internet.

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