Lenovo 3000 V100 – New Notebook with Software Support Excellence

Every PC vendor is known for certain things. Some for simple but powerful design features; others high-priced but features (such as built in cameras) that come bundled and are optimized for video, for example.
Lenovo, with the release of its latest notebook, the Lenovo 3000 V100 geared to smaller businesses, continues its heritage (from the ThinkPad line) for the powerful “support software” built into its machines.
The specs are nice – Weighing a 4.0 pounds and sporting a 12.1-inch widescreen display, the V100 offers professionals on a limited budget powerful dual-core performance, easy and reliable connectivity, widescreen efficiencies and new multimedia features. The Lenovo 3000 V100 is priced starting at $1099.
As with all Lenovo 3000 PCs, the V100 provides a set of Lenovo Care productivity tools that help organize top tasks, most frequently used applications and help and support tools with the press of a button. Lenovo Care helps alleviate the need for a dedicated IT help desk by offering a central location for essential PC tasks such as:
A one-button system recovery to help users diagnose, get help, and recover systems to a previously saved state following catastrophic software failures caused by today’s viruses and malware.
Automatic updates that download and install critical updates for Lenovo software on a user-configured schedule to help keep the system operating at peak performance.
The V100 also incorporates a 5-in-1 multi-card reader for downloading digital pictures from multiple types of memory cards, three USB ports, a 1394 and VGA port. An integrated fingerprint reader for easier management of passwords is available in select models.
The WSJ’s Walt Mossberg writes Based on “speeds and feeds,” the raw specs of a computer, the Lenovo offers much more than the H-P. But based on the key components of road-warrior mobility — weight, size and battery life — the H-P crushes the Lenovo.
The Lenovo’s battery lasted two hours, 41 minutes, an OK time for a little laptop. In more normal use with power saving on, it would likely approach 3.5 hours.
But the H-P Compaq nc2400 blew away the Lenovo on battery life, with a startling endurance of four hours, 27 minutes. This performance, one of the best I have ever recorded, suggests that with its power-saving features turned on, the little H-P could allow you to work for six hours straight without recharging.

While it’s hard to distinguish notebooks when comparing them on the surface, the software support that Lenovo bundles with its new line of computers distinguishes it from other notebooks.
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