Low Cost Telecommunications from Skype – It Does Work.

Guess what – you don’t have to spend money to get quality and you don’t have to go the “usual” route to get what you need either. What I mean is that there are MANY services which are free or low cost that you can use to grow your business. For example, you can pay hundreds of dollars per month to a traditional telephone company, but if you only have a few employees you might be able to due with Skype, cell phones and a virtual telephone service that dials out to any number you want.
Small Business Computing writes about the experience of RCN services a small web development company.
SBC writes RNC switched to Skype for most of its internal and external calling at the beginning of this year. The partners make about 60 percent to 70 percent of all calls on Skype now. Call quality and reliability have for the most part been acceptable. Lane uses a $25 USB headset from Plantronics. “I can probably think of about half a dozen times when we dropped calls or couldn’t carry on an intelligible conversation on Skype,” Lane says. “And most of those times, it was because we lost the Internet or power.”
Because of the nature of the business, RNC has a 3 Mbps business DSL service, which may be a more reliable conduit than slower residential services, Lane says. “You might sometimes have problems with Skype on a cable modem service at 256 or 500 Kbps.” He often encounters problems trying to use Skype in hotels. He speculates this is either because the hotel’s so-called broadband service is in fact only 256 or 500 Kbps, or there is a lot of contention for bandwidth from other guests ¬? or both. But he also, like his partners, carries a cell phone, so he’s rarely without phone service.

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