Microsoft Office Live is Updated – What a Difference From Traditional Software

Microsoft Office Live, the web site hosting and collaboration service for small businesses from Microsoft has had its first upgrade. As a hosted application, its such a different experience upgrading hosted application, than upgrading Microsoft Office via software.
I covered Office Live here in February
What’s New
Essentials inboxes now have email, contacts, and calendar access enabled for Microsoft Office Outlook connector. What is that you say? Outlook Connector (download it here if you have inbox created via your Essentials subscription) is an add-on for Outlook which will allow you to connect directly to your Office Live inbox using Microsoft Office Outlook 2002 (XP) or later.
Each month the owner of the subscription should look to their inbox for an Activity Report. This report has a summary of information available directly on the Office Live site but neatly packaged to give you a quick overview of what’s been happening in the last month on your business site.
There’s more changes which you can read about here
This is what the update would be like if you were updating Microsoft Office – no news software to install. The upgrade is automatic when you logon.
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