Microsoft Windows OneCare Debuts….should you use it?

At $50 a year, for 3 computers, Windows OneCare comes at a great price. It combines Anti-virus, anti-phishing and a firewall in one product. I’d suggest you give it a try. Right now I use TrendMicro’s PC-Cillin Internet Security 2006 and it works VERY well. In fact it has a lot of features and flexibility as well.
Microsoft’s entry into the market is going to stir up a few things – which you should be aware of:
1. As Google did to email storage, Microsoft’s entry is going to force other vendors (like Symantec, TrendMicro, McAfee, CA and others) to reduce prices and make better products.
2. Microsoft’s competition in this space will challenge that Microsoft is NOT a security vendor and that you should buy security products from “industry leaders”. This is nonsense. Microsoft bought a security company…so they are NOT a security vendor. Leader in market share – maybe not – but they are are legit.
3. I’d say try Windows OneCare out. Personally, I don’t have compelling reason to switch from TrendMicro at this time. But if you are looking for a PC security solution – you now have another viable option.
You are going to find many tech vendors say a lot of junk over the next few months – but ignore it all and concentrate on the quality of the product and your needs. For example the quote below from Dennis Bonsall, director of product management for OneCare is not accurate. There has been “holistic PC care” for some years now from vendors offering a blend of security solutions.
Cnet writes “We believe we’re creating a new category,” Dennis Bonsall, director of product management for OneCare, said in an interview. “It is not about security anymore, but it is about holistic PC care.”
OneCare will cost $49.95 a year for use on up to three PCs in a home, a competitive price compared with rivaling products from traditional security vendors including Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro. Many retailers plan to offer rebates and other types of promotions that will discount OneCare, Microsoft said in a statement.

Let me know your experiences with Windows OneCare.
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