Motorola Q: Phone First. PC Second.

I have not tried out the Motorola Q, which Verizon will start selling next week. However, I expect to get my hands on one in the coming days. In reading info from Verizon and Motorola this device will compete aggressively with RIM’s BlackBerry and Palm Treo. I think specifically with Palm Treo 700w, which is Microsoft Pocket PC based.
DO NOT get confused by all these email/internet/phone devices coming out. The choice is simple. Some are better for email some are better for phone use. You have to find the blend, for you, between a phone and email/internet device.
According to Verizon, Palm manufactures two Treos – the Treo 700W which is Microsoft Windows-based and the Treo 700P, just available and based on a Palm operating system. These PDAs are really computers first and phones second. The Q is a Motorola product that is designed to be a phone first and a computer second. No touch screen, designed for one-hand operation with buttons like a phone and a wheel to move down the screen like the Blackberry. Motorola is calling this a Smartphone rather than a PDA.
The Moto Q utilizes Verizon Wireless’ BroadbandAccess network – to send and receive data. If you multi-task and want flexibility the Moto Q’s style and phone-first mantra, according to Verizon, builds upon the design revolution created by the Motorola RAZRTM.
Verizon writes further – With Windows Mobile software, Moto Q puts a ‘mini notebook’ in Verizon Wireless customers’ pockets by providing enough power to let them leave their laptop at home to check e-mail, review presentations, and stay connected for a week or a weekend.
Summary of Key Features from Motorola:
– One of the first devices to run on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0; Optimized for Microsoft Exchange 2003 and a variety of third party email solutions that enable a broad set of corporate email capabilities*
– Thinnest QWERTY device in the world ¬? 11.5mm
– Full, ergonomic QWERTY keyboard, 5-way navigation button and thumb wheel
– Video clip capture and playback
– Connectivity via Bluetooth, IrDA and mini-USB; compatible with Motorola’s line of Bluetooth-enabled wireless headsets
– Multi-Media Messaging (MMS)
– Dual, stereo-quality speakers
– Audio formats supported: iMelody, MIDI, MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, WAX, QCELP
– Image formats supported: GIF87a, GIF89a, JPEG, WBMP, BMP, PNG
-Video formats supported: H.263, MPEG-4, GSM-AMR, AAC, WMV
– Mini-SD removable memory card slot
– Large, high-resolution display (320 x 240 pixels, 65K TFT)
– 1.3 mega pixel camera with photo lighting
– PIM functionality with Picture Caller ID
– Advanced speech recognition and speakerphone
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