Moving from Software to Hosted Applications – Everest Software

Everest Software provides small businesses with an end-to-end, e-business solution. Before this week, Everest was a software only installation done by a consultants, similar to SAP’s Business One and other mid-market solutions. Everest is now available as a hosted (competing directly with NetSuite) or server-based (on-site) solution.
At the Sage Insight’s 2006 Conference this week one message was the growth of hosted solutions as well. Microsoft’s cash cow, Microsoft Office is also being challenged by the threat of hosted office suite applications as well.
Everest writes that the upfront and ongoing costs often associated with purchasing,
implementing and maintaining business management software can sometimes inhibit SMBs from investing in the technology they need to automate their business. SMBs that initially deploy Everest in the new on-demand model but later seek to bring control of its business management software in house can easily transition to Everest’s on-premise model without the need to endure the inconvenience, cost and time associated with implementing a new software system. Similarly, a customer that initially implements Everest on its premises but subsequently hires remote employees and opens new locations, for example, can convert to the on-demand delivery model.
One thing to be cautious of is to ensure that a) your data is backed up and b) that your Internet access is stable and redundant. If your Internet connection goes down, so does your connection to your business management software – which can be DETRIMENTAL for your business.
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