MySpace for Small Businesses – What a Joke!!!!

Fortune Magazine writes that MySpace is a good tool for small businesses (entrepreneurs). Maybe the one case Fortune mentions is a success on MySpace but for the most part I simply don’t see MySpace being for small businesses.
Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends gives a blow by blow account about why its NOT for small businesses.
Anita writes I suppose that¬?s true if (1) you run a business that caters to teens and early twenty-somethings and you want to advertise to reach them, especially anything music- or film-related, or (2) you typically do your sales prospecting and business networking in the Personals section of the newspaper.
Call me skeptical, but I just don’t see wide appeal among small businesses for using MySpace.
Just to try it out, I went over to MySpace and spent some time surfing. My initial impression and my impression still – is that MySpace is a gigantic Personals website with blogging capabilities superimposed on it. While that may be a useful promotional venue for a limited few businesses, it will not be useful to the majority of small businesses.

If you want to build your business online, stick to BUSINESS FOCUSED media, not “hip-chick-consumer” focused networking sites. I must say though, if you are trying to reach teens OF COURSE go where your customers are. But if you are selling to other businesses – then MTV’s Teen Chat area is NOT for your business.
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