The New Microsoft Office – Want to take it for a spin?

The newest version of Microsoft Office will come out early next year. For many of you, Word 97 is just fine – you type and print. For many of you, like me, you are using a word processor less and less and are moving to web based publishing.
In any case if you want a sneak peak at the new version Cnet tells you how with some commentary about it as well.
Cnet writes Microsoft is giving its productivity suite, Office, a radical makeover and inviting you today to test the beta 2 version. The final release, expected early next year, will further distinguish Redmond’s tools from the competition’s. Office 2007 will reveal a dynamic new interface; spruced-up graphics; and smaller, open XML-based file formats. We’ve installed the private, beta 2 test version of Office 2007 and have been playing with the features for a week. Now you can give it a spin on your own PC; just visit Microsoft’s Web site for a download that will work until February 2007.
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