New York City Consultants Win BIG in Nashville: Infinity Info Sys and Net@Work

At Sage’s award banquet for its top performing partners, two New York City based partners received top awards and one received the distinction as the best (or top) partner.
As I was sitting in the ball room hearing the list of winners (afterwards hearing Bill Cosby) I was pleasantly surprised to hear the names of Infinity Info Systems and Net@Work – two companies who have I come across at events in NYC. I’ve had the had the pleasure of moderating a panel with Infinity Info Systems friendly founder, big smile and president Yacov Wrocherinsky
At Sage’s Insights 2006 event this week it was ALL ABOUT partners. Sage is 100% focused on helping its partners sell more Sage products – ACT!, Peach Tree, SalesLogix, MAS90 and more.
The various segments of partner awards at Sage Insight 2006 were
– Million Dollar Achievers (selling over $1 million in Sage products)
– Chairman’s Club
– Top Five North American Partners
Infinity Info Systems made all three distinctions – including being recognized as the best Sage partner.
Sure, Sage’s distinction is a recognition of sales but I would dare say you can’t be a top Sage partner without being a) focused on your customers (getting repeat business and new customers) b) focused on their business (getting training in Sage solutions but also in BUSINESS processes (sales, marketing, etc).
I attending a break out session yesterday by a Canadian Regional Partner Manager who helped solution providers (and me) give better seminars. Sage is generous with cop-op funding and provides funding for events and other marketing to its partners.
Partners are what DRIVES most sales to small businesses and is the backbone of many hardware and software sales. Some vendors such as Dell and Constant Contact for example, sell directly but thousands and thousands of others sell via the channel (100% or in some percentage).
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