Pizza and Document Management: Have Sauce Not Paper

Now that I’m on a diet I’m cutting down on Wendy’s and eating more soda, Doritoes and butter cookies. (Well I guess it’s my own diet). However, one thing I do love is pizza with extra sauce and so I was particularly interested in the technology that a Papa John’s (Knoxville, TN) pizza franchise implemented.
They are using Cabinet NG, CNG-Books software to integrate electronic document management with Intuit’s QuickBooks 2005.
This fast growing Papa John’s Pizza franchisee, 20 restaurants in six states and 500 employees was experiencing exponential growth in paperwork that was negatively impacting the accounting business process. Problem areas included: double-paying invoices, trouble finding old files and running out of hard copy storage space.
Like many franchise operations, Papa John’s accounting staff kept invoices at their desks until they were paid, using QuickBooks, and then stored the paperwork in office filing cabinets. These filing cabinets were emptied at the end of each year by carting the contents off to a storage facility. The entire process repeated for the following year’s onslaught of paper. On top of this costly process, Papa John’s staff made frequent 20-minute roundtrip drives to retrieve old invoices and other needed paperwork from storage.
Clearly, Papa John’s is in the business of producing and delivering pizzas, not paperwork. Yet with the IRS requirement that financial documents be archived for up to seven years, and the need for any franchise business to double-check invoices and periodically refer to old documents, there was a compelling need to put into place an electronic document filing and storage system able to keep pace with a popular franchise’s growth.
√?“CNG-Books solved all our paperwork storage and filing problems. By going electronic, we gained control over our invoices, so double-paying won’’t be an issue ever again, and we will not need to rent more storage space either,”” said Doug Harris, President, Papa John’s Pizza franchise. √?“The benefits are 100 percent clear: we save two hours a week of accounting staff’s time, so the A/P department can focus on our franchise’s growth, and in about 5 years, I won’t need any physical storage space at all.”
CNG-Books works by tying QuickBooks records (i.e. transactions, vendors, customers) to the supporting business documents making filing, locating and sharing pertinent information simple and secure. Using CNG-Books, QuickBooks data entry and document filing is performed as a single streamlined and accurate electronic process that saves businesses time and money by cutting paper and reducing errors common to manual processes. CNG-Books synchronizes information quickly from QuickBooks, using familiar pull-down menus. With the click of a button, data is correctly entered into QuickBooks and the image is filed. To complete the ease-of-use and effectiveness the Cabinet NG solution automatically creates a folder if one does not exist, using the customer/vendor/credit card information obtained from QuickBooks.
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