Print Labels @ One Label Per Second and MORE!

Isn’t it a pain to need ONE label and use an entire sheet of labels? Or needing 27 labels but have to print them on a sheet of labels when it would be so much easier to print them like in a series for easier removal? Seiko has an answer you might like.
It is shipping a new model in its flagship Smart Label Printer (SLP) line, offering higher resolution and a print speed of approximately one second per label.
Seiko Instruments’ new SLP 450 adds 2D barcode printing and improved network connectivity, pumping out high-quality, professional-looking labels that can include patient or customer information, bar codes for storing, shipping or inventory tracking, as well as text and graphics for labeling office files or cabinets. The printer also will generate name tags with the company logo for reception desk visitors or office events.
A Seiko press release reads – Generating a label in approximately one second, the new SLP 450 delivers top-of-the-industry performance, creating top-quality labels, incorporating text, graphics or barcodes in a wide range of sizes, and in high resolution 300 dpi. The high-speed SLP 450 is the first of a series of new printers, as well as time-saving new kinds of labels, compatible with either the Windows or Mac environment, coming from Seiko Instruments USA in 2006.
Seiko Instruments Smart Label Printers import text and graphics from most Mac and PC applications directly to a variety of adhesive or paper labels up to 2 1/8 inches wide for marking items such as envelopes, files, storage boxes, floppy or Zip disks, video cassettes or 35 mm slides. The SmartCapture feature lets the user instantly grab an address or other text from standard desktop computing applications, such as Word, Act!, Goldmine, Palm Desktop and Outlook. No typing is required. Just a single mouse click, and the information is sent to the printer.
Improved networking functionality allows the SLP 450 to be connected by USB or serial port at an individual user’s desktop or centrally as a network printer, letting multiple users in a large office access the printer without it being tied to a single computer.
Because just a single label can be created and printed as needed, costs are kept down, the process is efficient and there are no wasted sheets of labels. Direct thermal printing technology also eliminates the need for expensive inks, ribbons or toner.
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