Remind Your Web Site Visitors to Come Back for $15 Per Month or Less

Can you remember those times when you visit a web site. Maybe you don’t want to buy just then but you forget to go to the site and buy later. If you SELL online then would you want someone to FORGET to come back to your site and buy? “Remind Me Button” is a solution.
The “Remind Me” Button is a FREE reminder service that reminds your website visitors of your product/service at a specific date or event for which your visitors would like to be reminded of.
The service provides website owners with an outsourced reminder solution that enables webmasters to capture important customer personal dates, interests and other information. Our service allows the marketer to increase conversion rates by communicating with their customers using a combination of captured information such as personal dates, email and product/service interested in.
Check it out here.
eCommerce Guide writes “Web site owners spend countless hours and money in acquiring traffic only to see the majority of their Web site traffic leave with little or no action taken,” said Uri Lederman of, in a written statement. “Unlike other on-line reminder services, we believe that the reminder should be initiated through the product or service and not from a tedious end-user administration panel.”
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