Scan Devices BEFORE they hit your network with Network VirusWall Enforcer

When notebooks, desktops, PDAs, smartphones or other gadgets connect to your network is it important to ensure they are secure (do they have anti-virus programs installed?). However, how can you? Put a sign on the door? (people will only ignore it). Have everyone “check in their device” with the receptionist? (she doesn’t have time)? TrendMicro’s Network VirusWall Enforcer is a solution.
According to TrendMicr – unlike other first-generation NAC appliances, according to TrendMicro, that have been announced recently, Network VirusWall Enforcer integrates all aspects of NAC with anti-worm capabilities into one simple appliance. Its superior automation of the NAC flow, including agent-less remediation, reduces administrative burden and increases user productivity.
Network VirusWall Enforcer scans devices for security software, critical patches, and current updates. It evaluates the security profile of networked devices, including information about hundreds of versions of antivirus software from over 20 antivirus vendors, signature updates, and Microsoft vulnerabilities, and then administers precise security policies automatically, without end-user intervention. Non-compliant devices are quarantined and undergo automatic remediation. Once a device is cleaned and meets corporate security requirements, it is allowed to access the network.
Although smaller businesses might not have as much as for TrendMicro’s new tool, if there are many users connecting to their network, ANY SIZE business might need to consider this or some other option
“Network VirusWall Enforcer is a flexible, cutting-edge solution that enhances the benefits of Enterprise Protection Strategy by enforcing security policies, supporting compliance objectives, and enabling swift recovery within quarantined network segments,” said Max Cheng, executive vice president and general manager of Trend Micro’s enterprise business segment. “By managing network access control, the appliance enables enterprise organizations to protect end users – as well as critical IT investments – and ensure business continuity regardless of potential threats.”
A 1,000-user license for the Network VirusWall Enforcer 2500 appliance is priced at $24,995 in North America. The product is also available in 250-, 500-, 2,500- and 4,000-user licenses at prices that vary by user count.
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