Security From Within. Perimeter Security is Not Enough.

Just about every business owner knows how important it is to have firewalls and anti-virus products to secure the perimeter of your network. These software and hardware solutions keep a vigilant watch over traffic coming into your network from the Internet. There’s a hole in this security solution, Chris Smith, Director of Marketing at Alert Logic explained.
In many cases, while a company’s network is secure from “outside” attack many attacks occur INSIDE the network as they slip through firewalls and intrusion detection systems.
For example, Chris explained that the recent Zotob worm was not detected by many security systems as they are configured to allow access to certain ports on the network. The worm got through this open part. If a worm, virus or other code gets past perimeter security it is important that your network is protected internally as well.
The Zotob worm— spread to companies not through widespread Internet infections but rather through localized “explosions” inside business IT environments.
Alert Logic’s solution includes an appliance that sits on your network, monitoring it for various signs of suspicious activity. Not all network threats can be automatically identified by technology alone, so in addition to the appliance, Alert Logic has a team of security experts who monitor your network, 24/7, in real time. If suspicious activity is detected, Alert Logic (with your permission) can access the affected device and block, contain and/or quarantine it so that no harm comes to your network.
In your home you have locks on your doors and windows and possibly other security to monitor your exterior – a moat if you will. While this layer of security is IMPORTANT you also most likely have locks on your master bedroom as an added measure of security. This is the void that Alert Logic fills, providing security INSIDE your network. The 10th Annual Computer Security Institute / FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey indicates that one of the largest types of attacks occurring in businesses is insider abuse of network access. These kind of attacks, by those you trust can also be protected by Alert Logic.
According to a study, “Bridging the Gap between Effective Internal Network Security and Cost” released by Stratecast Partners, a division of Frost & Sullivan, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can dramatically save on internal network security when engaging an on-demand service versus choosing to purchase and manage security systems themselves.
The study reveals that smaller businesses will save more than $79,000 in cumulative costs over three years by implementing an on-demand service instead of patching together a system of disparate software and hardware solutions. Over three years, a small business would need to spend more than $139,000 to install effective internal network security versus expenditures of approximately $60,000 for an on-demand solution.
It is very hard to validate these numbers, especially as compared to YOUR particular business. However, I would highly suggest you work with your local solution provider (who can in fact help you implement an internal network security solution from Alert Logic or some other vendor such as McAfee, TrendMicro or Symantec) to consider what security solution is best for YOUR business.
Cost: $500 per month
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