Simple Contact and Sales Management Beyond Outlook Microsoft

Many of us have some sort of contact management system we use to manage our contact information. I use Microsoft Outlook with my Dell Axim. Others might use ACT!, Gold Mine or other tools. The other side of the equation is how do you know how much money is on the way (or not on the way) in your deal pipeline? You can use, Netsuite or Saleslogix, but these tools, for some smaller businesses, offer too much and cost too much money.
However, there’s a low cost, hosted solution, Pipeline which costs from $12 – $99 per month.

Pipeline helps you manage your contacts while giving you a view of your “sales funnel” if you will. A tagging feature, for contacts is built in. Similar to a keyword search, you can tag your contacts and bring them up based on the tags you are searching for. Pipeline’s datebook section is a basic calendar function which puts all your appointments in one place. This tool is similar to the contact management program you use now but it adds a kick of sales pipeline management.
You’ll like the reporting and charting feature of Pipeline which gives you a visual representation of your top deals, deals by stage and shows you where each contact is in the pipeline (lead, proposal, etc) and the chances of you closing the deal.
Nick Bertolino, co-founder and owner said, “Products like, for example, are overly complicated for small businesses and organizations. Our customers tend to be real estate agents/firms, executive recruiting firms, small consulting firms, marketing agencies and small financial service firms. These types of companies are not using large enterprise software applications, and applications such as Salesforce are a big step up”
Here’s some of the features:
Organize Your Deals – Keep all your contacts, files, documents, notes, maps, directions for a deal in one place.
Create & Share Documents – Easily share and collaborate on documents with co-workers.
Create ToDos & Reminders – Get more productive, create todo lists for each deal. Simple reminders will ring your cell phone and alert you.
Easily Track Status of Deals – Review simple dashboard reports focusing you on the most important deals to work on.
Organize Your Contacts – Keep all your contact info in one place. Use tags to leverage the power of your contacts.
Backup Important Files – Always have your files available from anywhere on the web. Never forgot that important Powerpoint presentation.
Overall, I think you’ll find many of these features of Pipeline can be done in Outlook. However, if sales is your thing and you are tired of using spreadsheet then check out You can even try it out for free.
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