Stop Personal Work at YOUR Office. Boost Productivity

When you hire employees you expect to pay them to work for YOU, not to surf the Internet and check email for their own personal use. I do think there should be some latitude in allowing employees some free time to use the Internet but this should be VERY limited of course. The market for Internet monitoring is growing and there are many companies who provide solutions to enable you to monitor what Internet traffic is going over your network.
Spectorsoft, an Inc. 500 company, has begun shipment of Spector 360 to help businesses monitor, in great detail employee Internet use.
More than 50 reports and charts are built into Spector 360, and the product offers the ability to easily to customize thousands of reports that can automatically be sent to managers desktops.
At its most simple level, Spector 360 records each employees emails, chats and instant messages, web sites visited, keystrokes typed, files transferred and printed, and network activity. In addition, Spector 360 continually takes snapshots of the computer screen so that there is a visual record of what the employee is doing on the computer, much like a surveillance tape.
Beyond reporting, Spector 360 includes user-level investigative tools, so that if a problem is detected in a report or chart or if an employer suspects a specific employee of abuse, the manager can review every detail of computer and Internet activity to gather the evidence needed with Spector 360. The level of detail is so precise that an employer can see what an employee does each and every second.
A 50 client license for Spector 360 is $1,995
ContentWatch is another company with an excellent monitoring tool as well.
Yahoo has an extensive list here and here.
Keep in mind that many of the services/software listed here are geared towards families/consumers.
Many security vendors, such as Symantec, TrendMicro and McAfee have online monitoring software as a stand alone product or bundled with their various offerings as well.
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