Symantec’s Vision of the Future – What Does it Mean To You?

Symantec is one of those companies, like Microsoft, that many of us have grown up with. I bet your first anti-virus product was Symantec Anti-virus. Symantec’s job, like its competition (Trend Micro, McAfee, Microsoft, etc) is to STAY ahead of security threats and find solutions.
VNUNET covered last week’s Symantec user event in San Francisco and writes Speaking at the Vision event, Symantec chief executive John Thompson stressed that security should not be limited to the LAN perimeter, but must be placed closer to firms; data to protect it across their enterprise infrastructure. and Symantec will work with service providers to identify viruses, spam, denial-of-service and phishing attacks in network traffic and stop them before they reach end-user devices. Similar capabilities are already embedded in routers from network vendors such as Cisco, Juniper and others.
Symantec is also preparing for more competition from Microsoft. Although its Norton security tools are widely deployed on new PCs, Microsoft will integrate similar tools into future versions of Windows, including Vista. “The Microsoft brand is synonymous with a lot of things but not security,” Thompson said. “It’s not a foregone conclusion that it will win.”

What does this mean for small businesses?
As competition in the security market gets hotter you must carefully consider, with your local solution provider, what security company(ies) you want to partner with for the long term. Not every security vendor can provide you with a security solution. But it is important that you have a vendor that a) you trust b) is built to last c) has a product roadmap to serve your needs c) has GREAT support.
Also remember, security solutions are not ONLY software based but are hosted. Symantec has a hosted offering, as do other vendors such as Alert Logic, which I’ll be writing about later on.
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