Web Analysis with a HUGE PLUS. Look Over the Shoulder of Your Sales Prospects

Most all web analysis tools help you get a general picture of your audience. You know how many visitors, what the most popular pages are, how much traffic you get at 3:00am vs 3:00pm and etc. I use Freestats.com for my web site analysis and used to use Web Side Story’s HitBox. The one thing missing, however, is knowing precisely WHO is visiting your web site and EXACTLY what they are doing.
With SalesGenius you can know who is at your web site and target them while they have HOT interest about your product.
You first invite prospects to your web site with an email. This email has a custom tag on it so when your prospect visits your web site SalesGenius can identify them individually.
The real-time Genius Tracker gives you immediate feedback about which sales leads have opened your e-mails and clicked through to your web site, so you can tell at a glance who is most interested.
The Genius Tracker lets you see at a glance how your e-mail recipients are responding, showing you which prospects are interested enough to open your e-mail and which prospects visited your site. The Genius Tracker alerts you in real-time when a recipient opens your e-mail.
Some have written that Genius is an invasion of privacy as your prospects don’t know that you are so closely monitoring them. I’m not sure – what do you think?
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