Web Host Verio Helps Its Customers Podcast – Easily

Podcasting is going to continue to be an emerging way for businesses to reach customers and give them MORE information, on demand, when they want it. Since I got my Ipod Nano I’ve been downloading so many small business focused (marketing, tech included) podcasts. The “problem” with podcasting, like RSS and blogging is that while it’s easy for some people to do it can be difficult for others.
Verio is announcing today that its customers can now start podcasting easily.

Verio unveiled its hosted podcast tool to help small business hosting customers leverage the power of this medium. Customers must still create and record the podcast audio or video content separately, with the Verio tool enabling businesses to more easily post these content files.
Customers with limited technical knowledge of RSS Feeds or RSS Tags can easily configure, upload, access and manage their Podcasts through an intuitive Web interface found on their Verio customer control panel. The service also allows for multiple RSS Feeds for the creation and distribution of news feeds. Verio¬?s new tool enables users to attach audio and video files to an RSS Feed ¬? a key step required to make the audio files available via Podcast. This ensures that subscribers receive notification of the new file availability for downloading to their iPod device or RSS Reader software on a PC.
Customers can also setup the necessary configuration required to register to the iTunes Directory using the file management tool, thus increasing distribution and exposure opportunities for the Podcasts.
The function is especially helpful for customers who need to update their Podcast environment by adding new content regularly, such as the introduction of new products, free audio or video content distribution, daily news and event updates, or company activities. The tool also enables customers to create multiple Podcast channels. Each RSS Feed can contain a single Podcast channel with many audio and video Podcast content files.
For example, a legal firm can create a Podcast with recent case decisions and another Podcast with investor information on separate Podcast channels with separate RSS feeds. The Podcast content files will be put under each of the Podcast channels.
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