Websense Web@Work Survey: Nearly One in Five Organizations Hit by Keyloggers in 2006

Websense, Inc. a web security and web filtering productivity software company, announced the IT Decision-Maker results of the company’s seventh annual Web@Work study, conducted by Harris Interactive.
The survey confirms that NO business, especially small business can REST or be LAX about security.
Their press release reads – According to the Web@Work survey, directionally, more organizations were hit by a hacking tool or a keylogger in 2006, as almost one in five (17 percent) of organizations have had employees launch a hacking tool or a keylogger within their network. This number has increased from 2005 in which 12 percent were impacted. A keylogger can be defined as one of the most dangerous types of spyware, which has the ability to record keystrokes and screen shots and can be replayed later to reconstruct a user session. These applications can be utilized by hackers to steal passwords and confidential information, which can then be used to provide full access to corporate systems and files.
The 2006 Web@Work survey also highlighted a new threat on the horizon — bots. A bot (short for robot) is software that can be unknowingly installed on an end-user’s PC that communicates with a command and control center. The command and control center has unauthorized control of many bot-infested PCs from a single point, and can be used for launching distributed Denial of Service attacks, acting as a spam proxy, and hosting malicious content and phishing exploits.
Only 34 percent of IT decision-makers said they are very or extremely confident that they can prevent bots from infecting employees’ PCs when not connected to the corporate network. Furthermore, 19 percent of IT decision-makers indicated that they have had employees’ work-owned computers or laptops infected with a bot. As bots are a relatively new threat to many IT decision-makers, there is still some discrepancy on whether or not to filter bot traffic — the survey found that 62 percent of IT decision-makers reported that their companies filter bot traffic in their network; 14 percent do not; 24 percent were unsure.
Read the full press release here.
You can get online security solutions from WebSense of course, or from many other vendors. I’d HIGHLY suggest you talk with your local technology solution provider to ensure your business is protected.
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