What To Do If You Need a New Cell Phone And Don’t Want to Pay Full Price

A few weeks ago my cell phone was lost (not by me) and I had only one option. To buy a brand new phone from Verizon Wireless (at the full price – hundreds). You only get the $50, $100 etc price when you sign up for new service. I couldn’t break my contract and then sign back up again as my contract was not over. What to do?
I went online and bought a used cell phone from an online service that cells used phones. When the phone arrived, I input a few identification numbers into the new-used phone and my service was restored in minutes by Verizon.
If you lose your phone – there’s not many choices you have.
Business Week writes The store wouldn’t exchange or fix the phone, and the sales associate said she was to blame for the malfunctions, she says. “They told me I’d dropped my phone in water,” she says. “But that never happened.” Her options included buying a new phone at full retail price, signing up for another two years of service with Verizon Wireless, or simply terminating the plan and paying a cancellation penalty of $175.
She considered buying a low-end phone instead, but the cheapest one in the store retailed for $160 and she was reluctant to lock herself into another two-year contract. “I felt like if there was a problem with the phone, it should be their responsibility to replace it,” she says. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

It’s also important to make sure that you back up your address book. I know many of you have your important numbers on your cell phone – but don’t have it backed up. If you lose it you lose your telephone numbers.
Business Week’s readers left several great comments as well – with VERY useful information.
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