What Would You Do with $75,000? Here’s The Story of Three Businesses…

We small business are experts in our businesses. If you are a veterinarian you know the business of caring for animals. If you are a branding company you know how to make a company’s brand sizzle. However, one thing lacking for most small businesses is the expertise in how to use technology as a tool to grow their businesses.
To energize, excite and promote technology Microsoft and HP started a contest, Total Technology Makeover, to reward their small business focused partners (technology consultants) and the CUSTOMERS (that means you) for technology innovation ideas.
Each winning customer received $75,000 towards a technology makeover. Each partner received up to $30,000 to implement the solution as well.
Out of the almost 500 nominations received, there were 3 winning nominations. Can you imagine the surprise on the face of the winning entries (the consultants knew but not their customers) on being given a check for $75,000 for technology!
Judith Huck of Classique Floors in Portland, Ore. (right) is surprised by nominating technology partner Tom Rich of Mt. Hood Computer Services with a check for $75,000 in a Total Technology Makeover on March 6.
The winning entries included:
Classique Floors of Portland, Oregon and their consultant was Mt. Hood Computer Services Inc.
Law Firm – Dyer, Lawrence, Penrose, Flaherty & Donaldson of Carson City, Nevada and their consultant was JFG Systems Inc.
Marketing Firm – StareWays of Millburn, New Jersey was the final winner along with their consultant Felisa Technologies.
All three consultants who will help their clients improve communications with their customers, improve remote access for traveling employees, and improve the security and protection of their data.
As part of the nomination process for the contest, Microsoft Small Business Specialist Community partners, HP partners, and joint HP and Microsoft PartnerReach partners across the country identified business problems faced by their clients along with potential technology solutions. A panel of Microsoft and HP representatives judged the entries and selected a winner that most represented issues common to small businesses and that would benefit most from a technology transformation.
The contest began at the launch of Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 ¬? in Nov 2003. In year 1, we awarded 4 makeovers, year 2 – 2 makeovers and this year, 3 makeovers. The first awarding this year was early March, the second and third in early May – the contest has ended for 2006.
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