When Email EXPLODES – You do have options other than insanity

Often times you wonder if your day can ever get normal. This happens when you find that when you blink – 10 more emails come to your email box, not including the 50 that came which are spam. If you find yourself getting flooded with email there are a few solutions. Keep in mind that an avalanche of email also mean that you have shrinking storage on your email server.
If you are working with projects on a team you’ll find that going back and forth via email, document revisions, questions/answers and all the things that go with a project can make your email box especially insane.
One solution is to use a Wiki. An online tool that everyone (who you authorize) can edit – you can track changes and ensure you have the most recent edition. Check out smallbusiness.com to see how a Wiki works – you can edit the pages. Imagine if you could use a Wiki to edit a document – no worry about email attachments back and forth.
Another tool you might want to consider is a collaboration platform which manages an online discussion board, document revisions and more. WebExOne has such a solution (formerly Intranets.com).
Another problem is that when you are working on a team, the important thing is NOT email but the ISSUE. A collaboration tool helps manage the entire project without you worrying about managing email.
StartupJournal.com writes Davis employees now use email only to communicate with the outside world. The e-Synergy software still allows them to communicate with each other individually, and companywide personal missives like baby pictures or birthday wishes are posted to a bulletin board that everyone can see.
“We understand and accept the fact that people still need to communicate with each other socially,” Mr. Montgomery explains. “We don’t police this, as we don’t want to reinforce anyone’s idea that Big Brother might be watching.”
Altman Lighting Co., another user of Exact’s e-Synergy, used to have problems with misdirected mass mailings clogging inboxes.
“We spent a lot of time reading emails that didn’t pertain to us,” says Roger Pujol, assistant general manager of the Yonkers, N.Y., maker of theatrical lighting. The lack of clear communication processes created inefficiencies and a lack of oversight. “Things would get done three or four times or not at all,” says Mr. Pujol.
Like Davis Controls, Altman Lighting no longer uses email for internal communications. E-Synergy saves employees about an hour a day that otherwise would have been spent culling irrelevant emails, Mr. Pujol says.

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