Windows or Palm – The OS Choice Continues on Mobile Platforms

At the recent “Taste of Technology @ Lunchtime” event, Microsoft’s Rob Jackson (mobile guru) showcased Microsoft’s mobile technology. Verizon will soon be selling a new Palm Treo powered by Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) the Treo 700w. But Palm also released a new version of the Palm 650 (Palm powered) the Palm 700p.
From what I’m reading it’s a huge improvement to the Palm 650. Here’s the deal, just to recap for those new to this mobile world. Palm’s are great for phone people (overall), BlackBerry’s are great for email people and the Motorola Q is good for phone people. Of course ALL these devices due phone and email/web but some are better for talking some are better for data based work.
So now back to the Palm 700p. For starters the Treo 700p smartphone includes hardware and software innovations centered around usability, connectivity, multimedia and compatibility, designed to take advantage of the fast EV-DO data speeds of Verizon Wireless’ BroadbandAccess service.
There’s more memory and overall a faster and better experience.
USA Today writes The other chief enhancement is memory. The 650 came with a paltry 32 megabytes of RAM, only 23 MB of which could be used by the device owner for added programs and storage. The 700p has 128 MB overall, 60 MB of which you can use.
Even better, the DataViz Documents To Go application included doesn’t claim any of that memory. Documents To Go lets you handle Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

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