The World of PodCasting…WOW…What Have I Been Missing

Well everyone, I recently starting using an Ipod Nano (1GB) and although the music is nice I am SO MUCH MORE impressed at the podcasts that I am now able to listen to. “What have I been missing all this time?”, I’ve been asking myself. Podcasting is definitely relevant to YOUR smaller business NOT just for large businesses.
There’s two things that I love about podcasts:
1) YOU can educate yourself on the go. I’ve been subscribing to podcasts on marketing, business, technology – so many things and enjoy the self-education that I am receiving – ON DEMAND. Personally I think THIS is also competing with radio (land and satellite).
2) YOUR CUSTOMERS can educate themselves about things related to YOUR business. Just imagine that you were a seller of high-end ladies shoes. Wouldn’t it be interesting to give Ipods to your frequent (high-value) customers with your fashion podcast pre-loaded. Every week they could hear the latest from you (and others) on fashion that’s important to THEM.
Guess what, YOUR brand is resonating in their minds and they WILL BE customers for life.
Want to create your own podcast? Check out Yahoo’s instructions
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