Xpaper: Digitizing Paper! Wow.

I wrote about Talario’s Xpaper product on 26 April 2006 and this week had a chance to actually try it out. Well – I’m happy to report it does perform as advertised – maybe event better.
I received a small box, the size of a dictionary in the mail and ripped it open to find inside a digital pen (fat pen similar in size to a marker – but comfortable), supply of special Xpaper, docking station for the pen and software.
You first install the software (as you most always do – never the hardware first). The software then goes through the process of ensuring that your printer is ready to print Xpaper. The main thing is that you have to feed the paper in the right way. Xpaper, paper, is numbered and each one is unique. So the only (very minor) issue is that when you feed in the paper, it must stay the same way or you’ll mess up the printing process.
Once everything’s done you are ready to blend “documents” with handwriting. I opened up a form on my computer (boxes, and such) and printed it to the Xpaper. I then took the special pen and wrote on the form. Once I docked the pen (similar to docking an ipod or PDA) in a few seconds a screen pops up showing you the form WITH what you wrote on the form.
Guess what? You can write on the form again and again and dock the pen again and again and the form will appear on the screen again with the new handwriting.
If you deal with a lot of forms and need to write on them manually – Talario’s Xpaper should be considered.
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