Your Next Phone System – Over the Net? But Who Do You Buy From?

There are SO MANY companies offering phone systems that leverage the power of the Internet (VOIP) and that offer hosted or in-office PBX like functionality for less than the cost of traditional PBX systems. These systems are more feature rich as well. I was introduced recently to VOIP service from Whaleback Systems, Fonality and InfoHighway Communications.

Whaleback Systems
introduced two major new features to the CrystalBlue Voice Service, which provides access to Voice over IP (VoIP) functionality via a simple broadband cable or DSL connection.
Fonality offers a phone system for $1,000 (not including toll charges of course). Fonality’s PBXtra operates in three distinct modes, VOIP, PSTN or PSTN-Fallback Mode. Voice Over IP allows customers to take advantage of cheap long distance calling rates and free calling between corporate offices, branch offices and remote extensions. Fonality also has an extensive FAQ page that will answer many questions you have about their service.
Whaleback Systems has a tool to help you calculate the savings you’ll get in using their system. You can’t rely on this alone for your decision, but it’s something to consider.
InfoHighway Communications has the least amount of information on their web site.
Although what a company has on their web site does not mean EVERYTHING, it is indicative of their commitment to what they are selling.
If you are in New York, M5 Networks is the leading telephone provider
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