32 Way to Promote Your Web Site

Building a web site is relatively easy, but getting traffic to your web site is a lot harder (even harder is driving sales – but we’ll talk about that some other time). Once you’ve taken the time to build a web site it is SO important to get people to visit your web site to buy or for simply further branding (online) of your business.
Ralph Wilson, of Wilson Web (a LONG time online guru) has a FREE 32 point check list of things you can do to boost your web site traffic.
Over the years I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade which include:
1. Get others to write about your web site or at least link to it
2. Make sure search engines can crawl your web site for relevant content for search queries
3. Have current users of your web site forward the web address to others
You might also want to consider paying search engines to advertise your web site in a cost per click model.
Dr. Wilson’s strategies include search engine, linking, email and others.
There’s many things you can do!