Be Careful When Big Companies Want YOUR Business

This is not new, but something that needs to be repeated. As large businesses continue to not make the big sales in large companies they turn to mid-market and small businesses where there is more growth opportunity. The opportunity, no doubt, is harder to get but it’s there. It’s better for larger businesses to sell one $500,000 package to a large business than 100 $500 packages to smaller businesses. However, businesses go where there’s money.
When considering what software, services or hardware you need for your business, make sure the product you are buying is a) really meant for your small business needs (features, ease of installation, price and etc) b) that the vendor selling you is really going to be focused on YOUR business. When you call for support – will they put you to the back of the line since you are a SMALL business?
eWeek writes Big vendors typically haven’t dealt directly with customers that have fewer than 1,000 employees, relegating them to channel partners. But the lines are blurring, as the case of FoxHollow proves.
The flurry of attention means that, for small-enterprise customers, life is¬?or should be¬?good.
With tight budgets and small staffs, small enterprises can’t waste time on complex products that require the consultant hand-holding typical of full-blown enterprise products. Further, they must beware of complex products relabeled and pitched for small enterprises.

Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SAP are LARGE businesses that are known for being smaller business focused and are mentioned in the eWeek article.
Don’t go alone, but work with your local solution provider
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