BOOST Your online advertising: Landing Pages with POWER

When you purchase a cost-per-click advertisement one of the DUMBEST things you can do to waste money is NOT having a CUSTOM landing page for people clicking on the advertisement. If you place an advertisement for “New York Apartments” why have people click on the advertisement only go to your main home page and have to FIND the section for NY apartments? The better and most cost effective solution is to have customers LAND on a SPECIFIC page for NYC apartments!
Ok, so let’s say you’ve got your landing page created and you’re doing pretty well. What do you do with the visitors landing on that page. How can you better monetize the traffic?
Marketbright’s, Weblandingpages service is the answer
Marketbright will help you create a landing page for your CPC advertising, based on keywords. Once customers arrive at the landing page you can quickly and easily capture information you need from them.
With this information in hand, Marketbright then provides you with a tool to get detailed statistics on what landing pages are working best, how many page views, visitors and how many responses to your offer and MORE.
In addition to just creating a landing page, it’s important that your CPC advertisement is effective. Marketbright’s web site reads that Google now includes your landing page in how it determines your Quality Score for your Adwords ads, which may result in an increase of the minimum bid required to keep your ad running. In other words, if you landing pages are not fine tuned, it will cost you money.
Marketbright, solves this problem by allowing you to quickly and easily create landing pages that keep your Quality Score high. In addition, Marketbright allows you to optimize all your demand generation channels, both online and offline. You can also test and optimize beyond the landing page, improving all the steps in your campaign to ensure maximum conversion rates.
The survey tool bundled with this service is POWERFUL and goes beyond simple first name, last name and etc data. The Marketbright survey is an intelligent survey which remembers which questions past visitors have already answers and tries to even pre-populate fields with answers from visitors.
Marketbright’s system also allows you to track both online and offline activities. You create “tracking urls” that can be attached to different demand generation activities. For the online, the tracking urls are in Google Analytics format, making usage of their analytics tool straightforward. Offline activities get what are called “pretty urls” so you can print or say short, easy to remember, and easy type urls.
Monthly costs are $40 and up plus a $500 and up one time setup fee. If you are going to invest money in advertising online YOU MUST have a way to intelligently track how well or how bad your online campaign is doing. This will help you better invest your money and make money by investing in online advertising.
Marketbright’s system is powerful and feature rich and I’d highly recommend you try it out.
Weblanding pages is just one of 3 solutions Marketbright has. The others are, Online Event Manager and Website Management System.
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