Building a Web Site….nothing new but worth repeating

If you don’t have your own web site yet – there’s really no reason why you should not. I really hate writing this but I KNOW there’s so many small businesses who DO NOT YET have web sites. Many are running a “professional” business and still have an aol, yahoo or hotmail address.
There’s many ways to build your web site and Business Week gives some guidance.
BW Writes There are a few good programs that you can use yourself, like Microsoft (MSFT) FrontPage (see, 4/17/06, “Web Services: Microsoft’s Path”). It only costs a couple hundred dollars, and if you apply yourself, you can do it yourself. It is challenging, but you don’t have to know HTML.
If you’re not planning a huge site, you can also go with the major Web providers or Web hosts like Yahoo! (YHOO), Earthlink (ELNK), or (WWWW). They all have their own proprietary software that allows you to follow their wizards and create your own site. Before you sign up with a company, do your homework. If you decide to switch providers, the software stays with them and so does your site.

I’d highly suggest you read the full article here which has some very good tips on search engine optimization, email newsletters and more.
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