CDW, Best Buy, your local solution provider or tech vendor

When you want to buy a computer or other technology it really doesn’t matter where you buy it from (assuming you are buying it from reputable vendors) but where you get your support from does matter. It matters to YOU as you need to get the best service possible and it matters to the vendors who want you to be service from them.
CDW has sold low cost products for years, but also sells support services – directly in battle with local solution providers and Best Buy’s Geek Squad.
CDW is also in a war against Dell to sell your business whatever it needs.
Redmond News writes Morningstar analyst Andrew Golomb believes CDW can continue increasing revenues at a healthy rate because of its ability to tailor products to clients’ requests and ship most orders the day they are received.
“The service aspect is what’s really driving the CDW story,” he said. “They provide better service than their competitors.”
The company invests heavily in its sales staff, which comprises slightly more than half its work force of 4,300. Sales employees undergo basic training for six months, then spend up to another year training with a co-worker. Trying to get the most out of them, CDW assigns an account manager for nearly every customer and recently realigned the sales force by geographic region, the biggest initiative in its history.

As one who buys often from CDW what CDW has going for it is a) fast delivery of products b) 100% outstanding customer service and support. Their sales reps do more than sell, but go out of their way to HELP the customer find a solution.