Competing with Victoria’s Secret – Selling Lingerie Online – Build A Better Web Site

For those of you who are tired of reading my writing (as opposed to hearing me talking) about improving YOU web site – sorry. But in this day of Google, local Yahoo search and more – a WEB SITE is one of the most important things a business can have.
When people come to your web site – do they get excited and want to work with your business? Can they easily navigate and get to the information they need? When they visit your competition’s web site – is your web site better or at least as good?
If you can’t give good answers to these questions you REALLY should consider a web site re-design.

Bare Necessities
sells lingerie and mens underwear and it’s biggest competitor is Victoria’s Secret. Bare Necessities has 4 retail stores in the North East which are profitable and doing well but Bare knew that it could do so much more online.
As reported by Fortune Small Business (FSB) Bare worked with the famous design firm, Frog Design, provided by FSB, to help them know what their web site should be about – how they should change it. Forbes writes that Frog has lately developed an innovative branding service called FrogTHINK. It’s a sort of collective therapy exercise designed to help companies unleash their creative mojo.
Frog put together 15 people – employees and a few non-employees to brain storm how the “new” Bare web site should be.
FSB writes To Bare Necessities executive David Wauters, 33, a picture of a woman in a helmet suggests beleaguered shoppers, confused by the selection process. A picture of several round lampshades reminds a dark-haired female marketing manager that real women, unlike models, come in all shapes and sizes. For a blond Bare Necessities employee in her early 20s, a shot of a woman with a halo makes the point that women don’t always seek sex appeal when they buy underwear. “Sometimes we just want to be sweet,” she explains. For his part, Wrubel posts a photo of open paint cans, “because shopping for lingerie should be colorful.”
It soon becomes clear that buying lingerie is enormously frustrating for most women in the room, even those who work at Bare Necessities. Wrubel is astonished to hear that women often throw out a garment they just bought because it turns out to be uncomfortable or unflattering. The young freelancer complains that shopping for underwear is “boring.” And a full-figured Bare Necessities executive says the experience can be downright painful. “I try on 100 things and nothing fits,” she laments. “I feel shot down.”

Bottom line FSB writes Two weeks after the session, Wrubel reports that Bare Necessities has hired a graphic-design firm to change its website so that it emphasizes the themes of intimacy and expertise. Similarly, the company’s newsletter now offers fashion advice as well as special deals. “Instead of just ‘free slippers,’ it’s more ‘the ten best bras to go with T-shirts’ or ‘eight solutions for your prom dress,'” he concludes.
If you are SERIOUS about growing your business online you might want to consider going OFFLINE to figure out what your web site should really be about.
Read the full FSB article here.