CompUSA vs BestBuy’s Geek Squad (C3 Expo Coverage)

A few minutes ago (at C3 Expo) I spoke with Michael Johnson, National Sales Manager for CompUSA’s Business Services who explained to me what CompUSA Business Services is all about, and how it differentiates from BestBuy’s GeekSquad.
For years, CompUSA has offered in-store support services, for small businesses and consumers to get all their technology serviced. In August 2005, CompUSA launched CompUSA Techknowledgists which provides businesses with products (leveraging CompUSA’s vast inventory and buying power) and tech support services all over the United States.
CompUSA has 20,000 certified technicians and small businesses can get a technician to their business the next day, or pay a bit more for service the same day.
The differentiating factor between CompUSA and BestBuy is that while BestBuy’s GeekSquad are BestBuy employees, CompUSA’s are not – they are a network of local consultants, working with CompUSA.
If you have tried both CompUSA and BestBuy could you please email me and let me know your experience?

Michael explained to me that BestBuy’s model is not scalable. compass, Michael said, has a model that can get the right technician, with the right skills to the right business.
At the end of the day, I’m not sure if you’ll find a huge difference between CompUSA and BestBuy’s services. One is your local solution provider which is coming to you via a lead from compass the other is a solution provider coming to you via your local retail store. Both have experience and are competent, I think the bottom line is the relationship.
NetSuite and CompUSA announced a deal today, wherein, CompUSA sales reps will sell NetSuite services over the phone and CompUSA technologists so they can support and implement NetSuite solutions.