Continuing to Look at Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office is not only the most popular business application on the planet but it is a valuable tool for intra and extra communication. Being able to link a variety of applications and processes together using one common interface and tool is powerful.
One huge addition to Microsoft Office, with the purchase of Groove, is having Groove’s collaboration tools built into Microsoft Office. The focus of this major release continues to be collaboration but also an entirely new interface – doing away with the traditional text menu.
eWeek Labs takes a look at Microsoft Office 2007 and writes For many users, Office 2007 will present an opportunity to work more collaboratively than they ever have before because of the ease with which they will be able to share documents and manage document workflow.
eWEEK Labs’ tests of Office 2007 Beta 2 show that Microsoft has addressed information sharing in a way that can scale from small workgroups to large enterprises, depending on the Office applications and back-end infrastructure deployed.
One thing that will be required to wring the most out of Office’s collaboration features is Office SharePoint Server 2007, but organizations that don’t or can’t deploy SharePoint will still be able to manage collaboration through network shares and the peer-to-peer capabilities of the Office 2007 applications.

I won’t cover this software extensively here, as there are so many others doing that. However, I will point you to good sources of information on MSO 07 to keep you informed. You can then, make a better decision of Office 97 is fine for you to keep or if you should upgrade to a newer version!
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