Data Backup Is So Important – I’m Going to Tell You Again (and offer solutions)

Please, don’t get frustrated and click away from this…you MUST back up your data and also check the backed up files. There’s two things here. 1) Your business creates data all the time – letters, databases, financial data and etc 2) If you do back up your data you must regularly check the back up files to ensure they are correctly backed up.
Keep reading for two solutions.
It makes no sense to have a fancy backup strategy, if the backup files you have are no good.
HP, one of the leaders of backup solutions for years recently did a web cast with technology research firm AMI Partners. My long time colleague, Laurie McCabe, Vice President, SMB Insights and Business Solutions AMI discussed backup solutions with
Laurie Elliott, HP StorageWorks Product Manager. Click here to see the web cast.
You can get information on HP’s backup solutions here.
Today, web host Verio announced an Internet backup solution as well. The offering starts at $14.95 for 2 GBs of backup per month, with plans ranging up to 30 GBs. Current Verio customers can now choose this important additional service or purchase separately.
Another online backup solution is from