Dell’s New Latitude – Very (very) nice.

Notebook vendors release new notebooks more often than many woman change shoes and purses. Dell’s new notebook, the Latitude D420 is something you’d really want to consider if you want to be VERY mobile.
Cnet writes As we reported in May, the D420 is the newest and lightest member of the Latitude D-family. The ultraportable notebook weighs in at just under 3 pounds, promises seven hours of battery life and has a Smart Card reader and an optional biometric fingerprint reader for better security.
As you are looking to buy your newest notebook no one vendor is the “best” – HP, Sony, Dell, Gateway, Lenovo, Toshiba all make VERY good notebooks. The thing to consider when buying a notebook is:
size – do you want something VERY light weight or a desktop replacement or something in the middle
speed – get the FASTEST process, largest memory and biggest hard disk you can
expansion – smaller notebooks MIGHT not have all the expansion you need, for example is their a built in CD/DVD drive; are there enough USB and other ports
features – features such as finger print readers for security, on board video cameras, built in wireless broadband and others features are bonuses that you might need or can live without.