Fashionable to Dump Microsoft

Can your bushiness operate and not spend ONE PENNY in licensing fees to use Microsoft software – of course. However, as I wrote in response to a Fast Company article on this, it’s not too wise to think in political terms when wanting to use technology in your business.
Fast Company writes Friday’s post will present a case study: a thirty person market research company whose CEO wants to fire the IT person and dump Microsoft. I’ll talk to experts in the field and recommend a six-pack of hosted services for email, collaboration, sales, blogging, and secure document publishing. The goal: to create a fast, cheap, flexible IT ecosystem that requires neither servers nor administrators in-house.
If you are looking for ways to SAVE money in your business and feel that Microsoft’s products are two expensive, that is indeed legitimatete concern. Do keep in mind that Microsoft offers several licensing options that will save your business a considerable amount of money. In addition make sure, no matter what software you use, you don’t only look at price but consider things such acompatibilityty IN YOUR office but also outside (with partners, customers and others).
Linux as an operating system and its associated applications are VERY good for the most part but there are pros and cons to everything. While one product may offer a “free” download you might find that you can’t use the programs you want, for example.
In addition, as the Fast Company article reads, there are MANY hosted solutions available and in fact I use very few computer applications as much of my work is all web based. But if I don’t have an internet connection….yikes!
Work with your local technology consultant to come up with a solution that is good for YOUR business.