Fat PowerPoint Files (Get Atkins for it) – (C3 Expo Coverage)

There’s big vendors at C3 Expo and there’s small vendors often on the side of the show flow. One of the smaller, but way cool and useful vendors I saw was Newxpower, featuring their NXPowerLite. This tool takes your HUGE PowerPoint presentations and shrinks them. What are the benefits?
1. Reduce the size of your PowerPoint files by as much as 95%
2. Lessen the load on your communication networks
3. Improve the performance of your media-rich presentations
Their web site reads NXPowerLite can reduce the size PowerPoint files by as much as 95% with no discernible loss of quality, making them easier to manage, distribute and use. Presentations retain the PowerPoint file format and remain fully editable – so they can be opened and edited by anybody with a copy of PowerPoint. NXPowerLite is available in both Server and Desktop editions, both of which are fully customizable.
Users will love it and NETWORK managers (or just you if you are the network manager) will to!